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Red Cross Scrapbook 1934: page 1 - January/February


Red Cross Scrapbook 1934: page 1 - January/February


American Red Cross

Great Depression, 1929-1939

Relief Efforts—Kansas



A page from the 1934 scrapbook of newspaper clippings from the Arkansas City (Kansas) Traveler. The scrapbooks were created by local Red Cross volunteers. Articles during the Depression years covered food and other relief efforts, and documented unemployment issues.


Arkansas City (Kansas) Traveler


Arkansas City Public Library, Arkansas City, Kansas


Arkansas City Public Library, Arkansas City, Kansas




Red Cross volunteers


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Arkansas City (Kansas) Traveler, “Red Cross Scrapbook 1934: page 1 - January/February,” Digital Arkansas City, accessed February 4, 2023,

Pork Contract By the U. S. for Packing Plant
The Keefe-LeStourgeon Packing Company Friday was awarded a contract by the federal government for 500,000 pounds of pork for the Surplus Relief Corporation.
R. T. Keefe, president of the company, said the local plant will have an exceptionally strong market the next three weeks for good hogs weighing between 150 and 200 pounds. The company started buying the first of its 3,-000 hog quota Friday morning.
Increase Allowances
For County Relief

Budget allowances for county relief cases will be increased in families where the supplies being allowed are inadequate, the county commissioners decided Monday after a stormy meeting with delegations representing Arkansas City’s and Winfield’s un- employed. Food and clothing and in some cases fuel and shelter are included in the order.
Rents will not be allowed except in cases where families are threatened with eviction by court order.
Answering criticism of her policies, Miss Martha Brady, county case supervisor, told the delegations that dishonest families demanding aid made investigation of all applications necessary.
“If you want to give out relief promiscuously, it is all right
with me,” Miss Brady said, “but as case worker I can’t do it. I am willing to pay anything if the county will stand for it, but I don't think the county can stand for it.”
Registration Swells
The unemployed registration figures have continued to swell the past week, with a total of 3,-955 registered by Thursday morning. Of this number 2,072 are registered at Winfield and 1,883 at Arkansas City.
New Assistant Poor
Commissioner Named
Edgar E. Smith, 209 South Fourth street, has been appointed assistant county poor commissioner for the Arkansas City district. He opened an office in the local relief office Monday and is directing the relief activities for the county in Arkansas City and vicinity. Mr. Smith has lived in the city about seven years.
Roy B. Froman, who formerly spent half of his time handling the assistant commissioner’s work here, is now stationed permanently in the Winfield office.
$759,568 to Cowley Co. Veterans If Bonus Paid
Cowley county World War veterans would receive a net total of $759,568.71 if the bill for immediate cash payment of adjusted service certificates should be passed by congress and carried over the expected veto of President Roosevelt.
Sumner county veterans would receive an aggregate of $537,787.-20, and those of Chautauqua county $192,236.64. The Kan-sas total is $34,930,151.43.
The amounts are taken from a nation-wide tabulation published Tuesday in the Congressional Record.
Start Distribution of
Eggs to Needy Here

Distribution of eggs to Arkansas City’s needy was started Wednesday afternoon by the federal government. Tickets good for a dozen eggs were given to each eligible family at the local relief office to be exchanged for the commodity at one of the eight grocery stores cooperating in the plan.
There were 563 families, representing 2,298 persons, on the relief office’s list, and the room was crowded with persons waiting for tickets. The southern half of the county will receive 59 cases of eggs in the distribution plan. No word has been received on the shipment of beef which was scheduled to arrive Wednesday. Other commodities will be distributed later.
The R. & R. Food Market, 512 West Spruce avenue; the Pure Food Market, 401 South Summit street; and the M. & S. grocery, 1314 South G street, have been added to the list of firms assisting with the distribution.
Butter, Salt Pork
Will Be Distributed
Butter and salt pork from the federal government’s surplus stocks probably will be distributed in Arkansas City the last of this week to needy families eligible for this aid.
An assignment of 200 sacks of flour also is expected but this distribution will be confined to a list of the city’s neediest families to be selected by the county case workers.
Turnips and carrots were being passed out by the county Tuesday, with 67 bushels of turnips and about 500 pounds of carrots being called for during the morning. A load of the vegetables, grown in the county gardens here, was taken to Winfield to be given to poor families in that city.
Eggs are still being distributed here, with the large families-eligible for a second dozen this week. The supply of frozen beef received last week was expected to become exhausted late Tuesday.
The distribution of frozen beef to poor families in Arkansas City was started Thursday by the federal government through local grocery stores. About 3,000 pounds of the meat were allotted to the Arkansas City district. Tickets good for from five to ten pounds, depending upon the size of the family, were distributed at the local relief office. Families receiving the meat were warned to cook it immediately to prevent it from spoiling. Eggs are still being distributed here, a dozen to a family.
Cost of Poor Relief
Assistant Poor Commissioner R. B. Froman turned in a report to the county commissioners Monday covering the cost of direct poor relief in the county from Jan.
1 to Jan. 19. He reported the cost to be $4,168.93 in that time.
During that time $1,866.35 was spent in the Winfield territory and $2,264.14 in the Arkansas City territory. This does not include $45 burial charge for a county patient, or $37.40 spent in aiding transients.
Distribution of provisions to Arkansas City needy amounted to $2,164.91. Clothing and other items amounted to $99.63. In Winfield $1,670.06 was spent for provisions and $196.29 for clothing and other items.
THE DISTRIBUTION of beef and eggs to poor families in the city by the federal government was scheduled to be completed late Friday. A dozen eggs and from five to ten pounds of beef

were allotted to each of the 563 eligible families in Arkansas City through grocery stores and the local relief office. Another distribution of eggs is expected next week.

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