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Red Cross Scrapbook 1941: page 13 - January


Red Cross Scrapbook 1941: page 13 - January


A page from the 1941 scrapbook of newspaper clippings from the Arkansas City (Kansas) Traveler. The scrapbooks were created by local Red Cross volunteers.


Arkansas City (Kansas) Traveler


Arkansas City Public Library, Arkansas City, Kansas


Arkansas City Public Library, Arkansas City, Kansas





Red Cross volunteers


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Arkansas City (Kansas) Traveler, “Red Cross Scrapbook 1941: page 13 - January,” Digital Arkansas City, accessed March 24, 2023,

Paralysis Victim Is Birthday Ball Backer
A supporter of the President's Birthday Ball who talks from experience, Arthur Dungan of Hooser, said today that persons who doubted or were not aware of the ultimate destination of the funds that come from the celebrations held each January, should talk to him.
A victim of infantile paralysis, Dungan says that if it were not for the money taken from the President’s birthday fund last | year he would not be walking today.
Stricken with “polio” last fall Dungan was taken to a hospital | in September. He was dismissed in November and with the aid of a brace and crutch he can walk.
Part of the money taken at the celebration is sent to the national foundation and the other part remains in the hands of a local committee. The funds held locally were practically all used on Dungan's case. 1-18-41

Gilbert Appointed Asst. Postmaster; Others Advanced
Three promotions in the Arkansas City postoffice force will take place soon due to the retirement of Marion Smith as assistant postmaster, provided the appointments made by Postmaster C. T. Hill are approved by the civil service commission and by the postoffice department at Washington.
They are Stanley Gilbert, from superintendent of mails to assistant postmaster; Lewis S. Jones, former special clerk to superintendent of mails, and Ray W. Reynolds, from clerk to special clerk. The retirement of Mr. Smith will not take place until Mar. 1, but he is now off duty as he has six weeks accumulated unused vacation coming to him. The three others are now employed on their new work.
Mr. Gilbert, the oldest employe of the office in point of service, started work as a clerk in March, 1903. After working inside for two years, he carried mail on the old first ward route for several years and then returned to an office position.
Mr. Jones has been employed as a clerk in the office since Oct. 1, 1910. Mr. Reynolds has been employed as a clerk since Oct. 1, 1914. It is expected the appointments will be approved, the postmaster pointed out Wednesday.
Arkansas City’s Newest Eagle Scout
Traveler Photo
Roger Tilbury, 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Graydon Tilbury, is Arkansas City’s fourth Eagle Scout. Notice of final approval by national headquarters of the coveted ranking was received last night.
Roger Tilbury Is Awarded Ranking of Eagle Scout
The rank of Eagle Scout, highest in the organization, will be conferred Sunday afternoon in the Methodist church on Roger Tilbury, 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Graydon Tilbury, 1028 North First street.
Young Tilbury, a sophomore in high school, is the city’s fourth Eagle Scout. The others are Tommy Clark, John Slaven and Archie Slaven. All received the honor in the last year and all are members of troop 328, sponsored by the Methodist church.
The presentation ceremony will take the form of a vesper service starting at 5 o’clock. The Rev. F. E. Rohl, pastor, will make presentation, being selected for the function by the honoree.
All Boy Scouts in the city are urged to attend the ceremony. A Winfield troop having seven Eagle Scouts, a record for this locality, will be present. Bob Mooney, -former Arkansas Cityan, is assistant scoutmaster of the troop
The three other Arkansas City Eagle Scouts and one from Winfield will form the guard of honor

Starting in Scout work as a Cub on Feb. 1, 1936, Roger became a Tenderfoot Scout November 30, 1937. He advanced to
Second Class Scout Feb. 2, 1938 to First Class Scout June 16. 1938; to Star Scout Nov. 8, 1939; to Life Scout May 29, 1940, and passed the local Eagle Scout requirements Dec. 26, 1940.
Nature study has been Roger's specialized field in merit badge work, and he has had considerable camping experience. He attended the local camp for several years and went to Camp Philturn, in northern New Mexico, last summer. He served as a Cub den chief for two years and his den grew so rapidly it was divided twice during his leadership.
Roger’s merit badges include First Aid, Swimming, Life Saving, Personal Health, Public Health, Cooking, Camping, Civics, Bird Study, Pathfinding, Safety, Pioneering, Athletics, Music, Metal Work, Reading, Botony, Stamp Collecting, Insect Life, Scholarship
and Forestry

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