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Red Cross Scrapbook 1934: unnumbered - December


Red Cross Scrapbook 1934: unnumbered - December


American Red Cross

Great Depression, 1929-1939

Food relief--Kansas


A page from the 1934 scrapbook of newspaper clippings from the Arkansas City (Kansas) Traveler, dated December 14th 1934. The scrapbooks were created by local Red Cross volunteers. Articles during the Depression years covered food and other relief efforts, and documented unemployment issues.


Arkansas City (Kansas) Traveler


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Arkansas City Public Library, Arkansas City, Kansas




Red Cross Volunteers


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Arkansas City (Kansas) Traveler, “Red Cross Scrapbook 1934: unnumbered - December,” Digital Arkansas City, accessed February 4, 2023,

56 Needy Families On List
Here Is a List That Will Touch Hearts of Readers
Old people living alone, motherless and fatherless youngsters, cripples, paralytics and grandparents striving feebly to support themselves and their descendants
All these unfortunates and many others are waiting to reward residents of Arkansas City with the richest of payments, gratitude and Christmas happiness, in return for their adoption during Christmas.
Case workers of the FERA have selected 56 groups of unfortunates and have reported them to the Red Cross, which will try to see that the more fortunate will provide help, and the spirit of joy and giving which
will go with it, for these people.
That some of the remnants of pride may be spared, the unfortunates have been numbered and the adoptions are to be made as usual by number, the Red Cross has announced. Those wishing to help are to get in touch with the Red Cross after selecting the family they wish to adopt.
The following is part of the list, which will be continued later showing the many opportunities for a multiplication of the Christmas spirit for those that will aid:
No. 1-—There are two motherless, attractive children in this home, a girl seven and a boy five. The father is incapacitated for work but is making a splendid home for the youngsters. Toys and treats are needed.
No. 2—A grandmother has worked hard all her life but has become an invalid and is cared for by her two sons. Dainty food that they cannot prepare is one of the things to bring cheer to her.
No. 3—Paralyzed, her face showing sadness, the mother of this large family is hoping that someone will provide cheer for her family. The father is without work.
No. 4—There are four girls, age 13, 12, 9 and 3, in this family and two boys, 6 and 1, in this family of eight. The father has had very little employment and the only chance for a merry Christmas lies in outside help.
No. 5—The monotony of life within the four humble walls of her home has not affected the tranquillity of spirit of a crippled girl who depends for support on an aging mother who has always worked hard but now finds employment diminishing. , Ther are also a boy of 15 and ! a girl 7 years old. j
No. 6—A widow has four
children, all girls, ranging in; age from three to nine years.
No. 7—Gentle and hospitable is this lonely old man. Food that is English will appeal to him and whoever calls will share his hospitality.
I No. 8—The father is out of i work in this family. The “big | brother” is 14 but is unable to find work to help care for the | attractive youngsters, three small boys and a baby sister. A Christmas basket is their greatest hope.
No. 9—Seven children, ranging from three months to 12 years, are in this family. The oldest, a girl, helps her mother take care of the well disciplined younger ones. There will be a shortage of presents unless there Is help.
No. 10-—Alone, 80 years old and just recovering from an illness, this man needs Christmas. cheer and will remember any kindness shown him.
No. 11—This is another elderly man who lives alone and needs Christmas kindness and attention.
No. 12—A struggling widow has three boys in their early 'teens.
No. 13—Clothing, food and games would make a family of three girls, 10, 11 and 13 years old, and their parents, happy.
No. 14—Although the husband of this aged couple is 80 years old and crippled with rheumatism he still does his own work. His wife has a lovable disposition. Both will be appreciative.
No. 15—Collecting gifts and clothing for a family of seven is one way to get the Christmas spirit. The children are three girls, 3, 5 and 8 years old, a boy of 7 years and a baby boy of two months.
No. 16—Seven children, all under twelve, need clothing and toys to make it a real Christmas. This group is being recommended to a club or class. The persons to be benefited are boys of 1, 4 and 9 years and girls 2, 7, 8 and 12 years old.
No. 17—There are eleven in this destitute family, four boys ranging from 4 to 15 years and three girls from 1 to 10 years of age.
No. 18—Three girls, 5, 9 and
13 years old, and a boy 16 need ‘ Christmas presents and food in this family.
No. 19—In this home there are four fatherless children. The oldest boy is in school but two small girls are under school age and the baby is too small to know about Christmas. The authorities are furnishing fuel, but the house is old and the plaster is off in many spots. The young mother is facing the world almost helpless and alone.
No. 20—Four years ago when the father had work there was peace and security in this home but there has been no income since that time. There are three little girls under school age and two boys and a girl in the first years of school.
No. 21—This family consists of the parents, two girls, 7 and 12 years old and four boys, 3, 6,
9 and 10 years old. No. 22—Five children, girls 1, 5 and 8 years old and boys 3 and 12 years old, need Christmas presents and food to make the holiday happy.
No. 23—There are boys 10 and 13 years old and girls 8 and 11 years old in this needy family.
i No. 24—In this home the father has been sick and unable to work for many months. The I oldest boy does his best but there is little work for him and he is worried about Christmas for his sister and two little brothers. The mother keeps the home clean but can not manage to provide Christmas for those expecting it.

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